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Q: What is flat rate pricing?
A: Flat rate pricing gives you an up front, direct cost of your repair regardless of how long that repair takes.

Q: What does SEER stand for?
A: SEER is an abbreviation for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and is a measure of how efficient a unit operates.

Q: How often do I need my air conditioning system serviced?
A: Your air conditioning system should be serviced once a year.

Q: How long can I expect my system to last?
A: Average life expectancy for a system is 8 to 12 years.

Q: How does my heat pump work?
A: Your heat pump cools yours house in the summer and heats your house in the winter by reversing the refrigeration process and by the use of supplemental electric heat elements.

Q: How often should I change my filters?
A: Every 30 to 60 days. Not changing the filter can reduce air flow, reduce the efficiency of your system, or cause it to not function at all. Additionally, not changing the filter can lead to increased operating costs.

Q: How many systems do I have in my home?
A: The number of systems in your home will coincide with the number of thermostats you have.

Q: What should I do if my system is frozen?
A: We recommend that you turn the system off and turn the fan to the on position.

Q: Can I place plants around my outdoor unit?
A: Yes, but make sure you keep clearance for proper airflow.

Q: Will my new system have to be inspected by city or county officials after installation?
A: Yes, NC mechanical code requires this.

Q: What are my payment options?
A: We accept cash, check, MasterCard and Visa. We can also arrange financing. Financing is subject to credit approval.

Q: Will you remove my old equipment and dispose of it?
A: Yes, we remove all old equipment and recover any refrigerant according to EPA guidelines.

Q: Should I have a service contract?
A: Yes. Our check and service on the furnace is very important, because there are safety mechanisms in the furnace and vent system that should be checked annually. The check and service on an air conditioner will allow your system to perform at maximum efficiency. Additionally, preventative maintenance will minimize your risk of equipment failure and maximize the system's life.

Q: I have allergies and would like to insure that the air indoors is clean. What can I do?
A: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become a very serious problem, because we are making homes more efficient by sealing them against the outdoor elements. Fresh air stays out, and indoor air pollutants remain trapped inside. An air cleaner, media filter, or HEPA system can help alleviate an air quality problem.

Q: When I set my thermostat for a specific temperature, it overshoots (or undershoots) the set temperature before turning off. What can I do to solve this problem?
A: There may be a calibration problem with your thermostat, or you could have an old style mercury bulb thermostat, which is not as accurate as the new digital thermostat.

Q: Is it normal to have to add Freon every year?
A: No, this indicates that you have a Freon leak. The leak affects the efficiency of your air conditioning system and may have adverse effects on the environment. Also, a leak will cause your air conditioner to prematurely wear out. You should have a service technician check this problem.